September 17, 2014

Going for the Thick Brow Look

Category: Make-up — Hannah @ 3:57 pm

brooke-shileds-eyebrowsNot everyone is blessed with Brooke Shields-thick eyebrows. Although you can also say that not everyone wants to! Still, instead of going the usual route when it comes to the look of your brows, maybe it’s time to take the runway’s cue and go for thicker brows from time to time.

Going for the thick brow look does not mean letting your eyebrows grow out and getting a bushy and scattered brow. No matter how thick your brows may get, you want don’t want hair in all the wrong places. Instead, the key to a thick yet nice looking brows is to keep them tweezed and perfectly shaped.

Cosmo tells us how to fake thicker eyebrows using various beauty products, from eyeliners to powders and brushes.

Whatever you choose to do with your brows though, make sure that you take care of your skin because your face’s skin is still the template that will make the rest of your other features shine or not.

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September 10, 2014

Switching Up Your Skin Care Routine for the Winter

Category: Skin — Hannah @ 2:42 pm

We all know that winter means taking out your favourite knee high boots, parkas, scarves, and all the other warmer yet trendy clothing out of your closet to ward off the cold. What many women neglect to do during winter though is to go shopping for beauty products that will help their skin stay healthy during the winter.

Hey, if you change outfits to suit the environment when you change jobs or even just your mood, why should your skin be left behind?

I’m sure that even if you have the oiliest of skin, you will notice that your skin gets (a lot) dryer during winter. To combat dry flaky skin, stop washing your once oily skin with the same soap and go for a special moisturizing soap. Remember to put on extra moisturizers (all over your body and your face) every time you wash or take a bath. Don’t forget your lips either and put on lip balm. Last but not least, stop drinking too much coffee and hydrate your body from within by drinking lots of water.

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September 3, 2014

Dark Underarms!

Category: Information — editor @ 1:31 pm

Have you thought why you have dark underarms? Have you tried cleaning it to the max to make it as white as celebrities’ underarms? Maybe you have used your loofah and scrubbed away? Would it surprise you if scrubbing with your loofah actually makes your underarms darker? Rubbing your underarms too hard with your loofah or frequent shaving will cause dark underarms. To have a whiter underarm, it is suggested to purchase a brightening deodorant. A bleaching cream spiked with kojic acid and hydroquinone will also do the trick for those dark armpits. A word of caution, if all of these whitening stuffs irritate your underarms because of chemicals, better see your dermatologist.

August 27, 2014

Scrub That Skin

Category: Quick fixes — Ella @ 1:21 pm

Once in a while, everyone needs a scrub. So if at times, you don’t have time to go to the nearest spa or you want to do it now, try this homemade scrubs.

*Run a warm bath & soak for a good 10 minutes
*Put on loofah mitts (the softer, the better)
*Sprinkle a palm-full of sea salt on a mitt
*Mix in the liquid body soap
*Rub mitts together so the salt & soap are mixed together and rub all over your body in a circular motion.
* Rinse thoroughly and follow with a rich moisturizer.

August 20, 2014

Moisture – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Category: General,Information,Skin — Ella @ 12:36 pm

washingToo much moisture is a problem not many of us face who have to deal with dry skin each and every day. Dry skin is a very common problem but many who use water to cool off and wash more frequently during hot days tends to work to the opposite effect. Water, though a very good hydration source when used with soap can end up drying your skin more that you would want. Use blotting films to get rid of excess oil on your face, and wash with gentle moisturizing cleansers that do not dry out the skin.

May 21, 2013

Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes

Category: Quick fixes — Hannah @ 5:55 am

tea bag usesStaying out late is really fun, but dealing with the aftermath the morning after is not as much. Even if you didn’t drink too much and have no hangover to cure, chances are that you’ll get puffy eyes, which is never something anyone really considers to be attractive.

To take care of your puffy eyes, the first thing you should do is to hydrate by drinking more water. The more dehydrated you are, the puffier your eyes will be so drink up for your looks and your health.

Next, use one of the best beauty products out there to get the puffiness to go away – used tea bags. That’s right, there’s no need to buy expensive eye creams because the tannins in your tea will help with the puffiness and discoloration under your eyes. And the great thing about this is that tea bags are readily available anywhere, so you can resort to this trick even when on a trip in the middle of nowhere!

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May 1, 2013

The Natural Makeup

Category: Make-up — Hannah @ 12:14 pm

The last thing that women would want to happen is others making fun of their look and this actually is the case whenever women have too much makeup on. How is the natural look attained through the usage of makeup? It all starts with choosing that shade that fits one’s skin tone. Using makeup that is of different shade will just lead to an obvious aim of enhancing one’s look. Inappropriate shades will just either result to one being too white or too dark. Natural look is as well highly dependent on one’s application of makeup. It is important to just apply the right amount equally in all parts of the face and ensure that the color of the face don’t deviate from the color of the skin. Lastly, it is also about using only the needed makeup, never overbuy and use makeup that will just over-color one’s face. Makeup is used to enhance one’s beauty and not to change it to something worse.

April 26, 2013

Looking and feeling beautiful

Category: Information — Hannah @ 4:54 am

Looking and feeling beautiful are only achievable when a person is confident. One may wear the best clothes and even the most expensive ones but these don’t actually define a person’s look. Confidence is the secret to making a person look at his or her best even wearing something that is very simple. Looking beautiful indeed mean physically being able to wear clothing that is in trend and dressing up well for an occasion. On the other hand, feeling beautiful is a different thing. When one feels beautiful, he or she instantly gets the attention of the majority. Feeling beautiful means easily making others just admire the appeal that that person has. But of course, looking and feeling beautiful at the same time is a must. These people who seem to do both are those that steal the limelight and get every person’s attention. Dress at your best and be confident that your look is indeed the best.

Wearing the best look

Category: Information — Hannah @ 4:52 am

It is important that one finds the importance of looking at his or her best all the time no matter how simple or extravagant an occasion may be. Wearing the best look doesn’t just actually pertain to wearing the most expensive clothes and using the most popular make-up but rather, it is about being contented with the way you look. Always dress for the occasion and never worry about the time wasted for preparation since for one to actually look at his or her best, it really does take some time. Things to note: never overdress for an occasion, always be aware of the theme and motif. Remember that one should adjust to the motif because not considering this might lead to being out of placed. Wearing the best look simply means wearing something that is appropriate, elegant, and beautiful. Of course, this look should as well be fit to that person.

Just enough make-up for girls

Category: Information — Hannah @ 4:50 am

Girls at present seem to show much appreciation in the usage of make-ups. They are very inclined into buying even the most expensive ones for three reasons namely interest, curiosity, and popularity. Interest in a sense that there are girls that really find their interest in the usage of these beauty products or anything related to making people beautiful. Some even enroll in make-up schools just to learn how to professionally use them. Others, though, buy and use make-up out of curiosity. Its usage is believed to have the possibility of even changing one’s appearance and others use it just for the purpose of seeing for themselves the effect of such application. Lastly, make-ups for girls nowadays are very popular. Every girl is pressured to have at least one lipstick in her bag. It is almost often the case that when things get known, people will be very curious and then leads to the interest of at least having that first-hand experience of using the said products and this is as well one of the reasons why make-ups are widely used.