May 21, 2015

Nail Care And Tips

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Are you among those women who worry too much on chipping and breaking their fingernails? Let us give you some economic tips:

Put garlic on your nails and it will make them longer and stronger. If you have long nails, poke the garlic cloves using the tips of each of your nail. Or you can either smash or chop the garlic and gently apply on to them.

After you do your manicure, let the polish dry for at least a minute, and run cold water over them for about 15 seconds. This leaves your polish dry.

If you love applying colored nail polish, give your nails some rest without it. Let them breathe for sometime as regular applying of nail polish makes them yellowish.

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    May 14, 2015

    Foundations Foundations.. Which to choose?

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    foundations.jpgWell, that’s a good question for there are many products on the market that not only come in many brands but in many types. Crème, liquid, powder and mousse, so which do you choose? J-Lo, loves spray on or airbrush style foundations that allows a flawless look that can give you the look of a star. The stuff is quite hard to use and the best ones are the more expensive ones for they work best. There are cheaper brands such as those from Sally Hansen but expert reviews only give it two stars. It does take practice to use so best leave it to a makeup artist to do the applying. If you wish, you could buy a cheaper brand, practice with that then turn to the more expensive brands as your confidence grows in using it.

    May 7, 2015

    Dress In Style

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    d8.jpgThe secret for a glamorous look is basically with the clothes you wear during the day and in the evening. Also, pay attention to accessories and jewelry that you buy. Make-up should not be exaggerated too. From time to time, adding a brooch to your outfit could make a big difference.

    April 30, 2015

    Get a Full Pout a la Angelina Jolie

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    Whether you want to admit it or not, Angelina Jolie’s lips make you envious because let’s face it, most of us aren’t born with full, voluptuous pouts and so we try to do everything we can to get that look. Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a challenge and it doesn’t always work out. You either put too much stuff on and you end up looking like a clown, you don’t put enough on, or you just can’t seem to get your pucker to look full no matter what you try! So what’s the trick to getting super full lips without the injection?

    Go to your local drug store and buy a berry shade lip stain. Start by dabbing it on to your lips by blending it into the inside of your mouth, which is the soft part next to your teeth. Use your ring finger to do this and dab it gently to create a just-kissed look.

    This is a great trick to help you stay inside the lines with your products as well as to help prevent smudging. Simply apply concealer around your top and bottom lip using a concealer wand.

    This is where you concealer does the trick! Pat the concealer in with your finger to set it – this will help with the definition of the mouth as well as creating a fuller lip.

    Finish off the process by applying a clear, sparkly gloss to your lips. When the light reflects off them, they will appear larger. And that’s all there is to it! Now granted your lips will probably never look like Angelina Jolie’s, but at least you can be proud of your pucker!

    April 23, 2015

    A good foundation

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    Having the right foundation is a must when applying makeup. Not having the right foundation could ruin your entire makeup. There are two things to keep in mind when buying a foundation; your skin tone and skin type.
    There are several forms of foundation depending with the function you want. To hide the acne spots and the dark circles, then Emulsion should be used. Cream based foundation is more suitable for those living in places with moderate climate. It is also good for dry skin as they contain enough oil. On the other hand, gel based foundation is better who lives in warm climates as it is lighter and gives more sheen. For all skin types, liquid foundation is one kind that is available. But it is not so effective in hiding the marks. For the natural look appearance but no marks on the skin, then Gel is what you need. For oily skin, Cakes or Sticks are the thing for you. It gives a day matt look and excellent in hiding marks.
    Foundations are not harmful for the skin. In fact it is good not only to hide the scars and the marks, but protects the skin against pollutants and dirt as well. It also works as a sunscreen and balance the moisture levels of the skin.

    April 16, 2015

    Drink More Water During the Holidays

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    The holidays means lots of fun, but it also means lots of tempting food that can melt any dieter’s resolve.

    We all know what a few days of bingeing can do though. Pigging out during the holidays will make it harder to shed the pounds you’ve been trying so hard to get rid of. Even worse, get prepared to add a pound or two. Dig into oily food, and even if you don’t have any weight issues you’ll end up having to deal with oily skin or even a bad case of acne afterwards. So whether it’s for health or beauty reasons, avoiding eating too much during the holidays is for your best interest.

    One way you can make it easier to control your food intake during the holidays is by drinking lots of water. Not only will it make you feel satiated, but it will also help flush out toxins in your body and keep your skin clear. So drink lots of water before going out to parties. You’ll be glad you did.

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    April 9, 2015

    Eyelash Perming

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    d10.jpgCurling eyelashes is one of the easiest ways to get immediate uplift. I, myself is an avid fan of this curling. Now there’s a better way for perming your lashes without torturing them. Salons and spas are offering this trick at a reasonable price. Just be sure that professionally trained attendant will be doing the service.

    April 2, 2015

    Moisture – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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    washingToo much moisture is a problem not many of us face who have to deal with dry skin each and every day. Dry skin is a very common problem but many who use water to cool off and wash more frequently during hot days tends to work to the opposite effect. Water, though a very good hydration source when used with soap can end up drying your skin more that you would want. Use blotting films to get rid of excess oil on your face, and wash with gentle moisturizing cleansers that do not dry out the skin.

    March 26, 2015

    The Natural Makeup

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    The last thing that women would want to happen is others making fun of their look and this actually is the case whenever women have too much makeup on. How is the natural look attained through the usage of makeup? It all starts with choosing that shade that fits one’s skin tone. Using makeup that is of different shade will just lead to an obvious aim of enhancing one’s look. Inappropriate shades will just either result to one being too white or too dark. Natural look is as well highly dependent on one’s application of makeup. It is important to just apply the right amount equally in all parts of the face and ensure that the color of the face don’t deviate from the color of the skin. Lastly, it is also about using only the needed makeup, never overbuy and use makeup that will just over-color one’s face. Makeup is used to enhance one’s beauty and not to change it to something worse.

    March 19, 2015

    The GLYCAEMIC Index (GI) – Taming those Carbs

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    giindex.jpgMost of you might have heard of this term which is simply a ranking of foods based on the speed at which they are absorbed by the human body. Experts say that a GI diet is a good way to acheive and maintain a perfect body as long as it is managed and designed properly by a dietician who regularly checks the dietary needs of your body. Carbohydrates are classified as the most worrysome of foods for it is responsible fopr body mass or too much of it that is. Taming those carbs, and watching their sugar contents is not only healthy but allows the body to maintain a well-balanced nutritionsl system that is good for everybody.
    Enjoyed by celebrities like Sharon Stone who is turning 50 but has the body most 20 year olds would die for. The system works by classifying foods such as; Reds (meats and other high Carb foods) are cut out or strictly limited, Yellows are moderated and Greens (obviously vegetables and fruits) are the most favorable according to their nice GI rating.

    “Eating low instead of high GI foods is a good slimming stretegy and good for your health, because it avoids blood sugar lows that cause snacking and fat storage. As long as you keep the rest of your diet balanced, like Sharon does (by eating protein, dairy and moderate quantities of fat), this is a healthy eating plan.”

    Even if the approach is good, it shoiuld always be managed and monitored for each and every person has a specific nutrition needs which might need more or less of some nutrients to prevent disease and allow the nody to function properly.