February 26, 2015

Beauty kit must-haves

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beauty-kit-must-haves.jpgYou’ll never know when you need to be extra pretty, so it always helps to be ready especially if you’re always on the go. But then again, lugging around a heavy make-up case isn’t fashionable unless it’s part of your job. So here’s a quick list of the trusty beauty arsenals you shouldn’t leave home without.

* lip gloss to quickly accentuate your pouters
* eyelash curler to dramatically open up your eyes
* blush to give you a girly glow
* extra clips or pins to easily change hairstyles
* mints to keep your breath fresh and your smile confident

Throw in some eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick if you will. But even if you only have our recommended beauty arsenals, you could never go wrong.

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February 19, 2015


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Women generally over brush their teeth. This could prove to be dangerous in the long run for the teeth as over brushing can weaken the natural enamel of the tooth. It is recommended that one does not brush for more than twice a day. This is contrary to the idea of brushing every after a meal. Liken it to taking a bath, every time we use soap on our skin, we remove its natural oil. If we do this too often, our skin becomes dry and dull. The same idea could be applied to our teeth. Whenever we brush, we remove its natural coating along with the germs that has been stuck to it, over doing it can weaken the enamel which can result to the teeth being brittle and all that.

February 12, 2015

Watch your weight and enjoy the attention

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Keeping fit is something that most people are having a hard time these days and despite undergoing the many diet regimens; frequenting gyms and all those health supplements, most people are struggling to keep their bodies fit and trim.

A lot has to do with discipline and the fitness program we follow. Some feel that if one program is good of someone else, then the same holds true for them. This does not follow. You have to consider the metabolism aspects as well as how you approach it. While these suggestions can be good tips, the proper practice will still depend on how a person would undertake them.

February 5, 2015

The Lemon Diet

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lemon.jpgAnother of the Celebrity Quick fixes that has been hailed by some to have given results in as little as a week. Many celebrities go to extreme lengths just to maintain that beautiful figure of theirs and some of them are inded going on this lemon diet. The lemon diet is actually another detoxification diet that capitalizes on the high concentrations of Vitamin-C in the sour fruit. Filled with acid and vitamins it does have a cleansing effect on the body which should start with a detox diet consisting merely of fresh fruits and water. This is followed by a whole week’s drinking of lemonade at room temperature and organic fruits and foods that would surely trim you down.
If you have some problems with your digestive tract, please consult your doctor for the high acid content of lemons might aggrevate the condition further and as we know, it can be very painful.

January 29, 2015

Long or Short Hair?

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For people today, the question of the type of hairdo to have is important. Some may tend to try them out owing to the fashion trends that most people are following these days but there will always be that certain hairstyle that will suit most men and women today.

For women, you would think that long hair is important since it is a drawing factor towards attention. Most men go for women with long hair and apparently the women know that. But there are some women who look good as well in short hair. It all depends on the complement of the hairstyle a person has in relation to her whole body.

January 22, 2015

メラデーム(Meladerm): 新しい驚き

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ホワイトニング製品 で良い製品を探す事は、本当にやっかいです。。現在、多くの製品がフィリッピンにはありますが、すでに紹介され、我らが有名人達に指示されています。しかし、それらは本当に効果があるのでしょうか。 ロスアンジェレスの叔母が、アメリカでとても人気のある、メラダーム(Meladerm)というこのブランドを教えてくれました。Civant Skin Careの製品で、4年以にわたる事業で成功を収めています。

January 15, 2015

Hair in All the Wrong Places

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Women are quite particular about hair growth, especially in their legs. Ordinarily, hairy legs are often seen in men today. But for some women, there will be exceptions especially if they are hereditary. There are some women who unfortunately have excess hair in their legs and chances are you will see them peeling them out on a regular basis.

Such is not an abnormal occurrence. Remember that for people who have hair growth as an obvious hereditary trait, it is apparent that they will be passed on to you. While you may hate it, you can always turn to the medical solutions such as laser hair removal. Added costs but worth it if you talk about beauty as a whole.

January 8, 2015

Meladerm: A New Wonder

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Image Source: reviewskinlighteners.com

Searching for the right brand of whitening product nowadays is really confusing.There are a lot of products now in the Philippines that has already been introduced and are being endorsed by our famous celebrities.But which of them is really working well? An aunt of mine from LA told me that there is this brand called Meladerm which is very popular in US. It is a product made by Civant Skin Care and is doing well in the business for more than four years.
Meladerm is claimed to be the most powerful product for reducing dark spots,discolorations and hyperpigmentation.It is proven safe and effective because it has no hydroquinone, mercury,steroids or other harmful substances.And you may even see results in just 2 weeks.And for further more applications, best results will appear after 2 to 3 months of regular use.
The active ingredients of meladerm are vitamin b3, mulberry extract,bearberry extract,licorice,lemon juice extract,emblica powder, kojic acid and lactic acid.
Based on my aunts experience this cream is proven to be effective as it claims it to be.

December 31, 2014

Wearing the best look

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It is important that one finds the importance of looking at his or her best all the time no matter how simple or extravagant an occasion may be. Wearing the best look doesn’t just actually pertain to wearing the most expensive clothes and using the most popular make-up but rather, it is about being contented with the way you look. Always dress for the occasion and never worry about the time wasted for preparation since for one to actually look at his or her best, it really does take some time. Things to note: never overdress for an occasion, always be aware of the theme and motif. Remember that one should adjust to the motif because not considering this might lead to being out of placed. Wearing the best look simply means wearing something that is appropriate, elegant, and beautiful. Of course, this look should as well be fit to that person.

December 24, 2014

Rest… Rest… Rest

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d9.jpgSure, makeup can hide your blemishes and even dark circles under the eyes. But nothing can beat a good night sleep to have a healthy glow. Rest is important for our mental condition – especially if we have a long day ahead. So, start setting your body clock when you hit the sack.