July 2, 2015

Curly Hair Summer Care

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curlyCurly hair may complete a killer look yet when the sun shines brightly during summer, one can’t help whether it’s a curse due to management issues. The first thing to have when ti comes to curly hair and the sun is a great combo shampoo and conditioner. Products from Matrix and Redken helps clean, protect and even enhances those curls, ready for the beach. Most tend to forget their hair can dry out easily under the sun especially during those beach trips, better have a comfortable and well ventilated and wide brimmed hat. you can also go for bandannas strapped over your head to keep them blowing in the wind and getting hopelessly tangled into dreadful messy hair. (more…)

June 25, 2015


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microdermabrasion.jpgThe process allows you to get fresh and natural glowing skin but don’t think its gonna be pain free. As the term implies, the rpocedure involves removing a few layers of skin cells from the face and neck using an abrasive compound that abrades them away exposing new skin. It does get a bit painful right after the treatment but there is usually a soothing mask is applied and even two in some treatments. The good news is that it gets those unsightly lines, acne scars and other skin blemishes away leaving smooth skin as that of a baby’s bottom (sometimes). It does fell like sandpapering on your face and you’d have to wear earplugs to avoid getting the stuff into your ears so kiss those iPod’s goodbye, well till its all over. You feel sore for a few days as the skin cells firm up and grow into your fresh face.

June 18, 2015

Why do we highlight our hair?

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Honestly, I cannot recall how this trend of having hair highlights even started. Many got the idea from the usual artists, singers and actors we see on television and the papers today. But personally, does it really change the image we all want to project?

Individually, they seem to have a certain niche as far as identification is concerned. But did you know that it can also make your hair dry? Most of this comes from the chemicals used on it hence a reason why hair dying is being avoided by most people today.

The next time you go out and have your hair highlighted or dyed, do consider these facts. You may end up adding costs which you can surely make do without.

June 11, 2015

Going for the Thick Brow Look

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brooke-shileds-eyebrowsNot everyone is blessed with Brooke Shields-thick eyebrows. Although you can also say that not everyone wants to! Still, instead of going the usual route when it comes to the look of your brows, maybe it’s time to take the runway’s cue and go for thicker brows from time to time.

Going for the thick brow look does not mean letting your eyebrows grow out and getting a bushy and scattered brow. No matter how thick your brows may get, you want don’t want hair in all the wrong places. Instead, the key to a thick yet nice looking brows is to keep them tweezed and perfectly shaped.

Cosmo tells us how to fake thicker eyebrows using various beauty products, from eyeliners to powders and brushes.

Whatever you choose to do with your brows though, make sure that you take care of your skin because your face’s skin is still the template that will make the rest of your other features shine or not.

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June 4, 2015

How to get Radiant Skin even with Dry Skin

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For a radiant glow that gives you that perfect glow all day long, try starting by applying luminizing face primer that eliminates flaws and covers up blemishes. Follow-up with liquid or cream foundation to make the skin look drier and even eliminating the oily look. Blend them well, and do not forget the eyelids and the hairline to prevent those separation lines that gives an artificial look. Try to blend it to make it look natural and even. Follow up with pink-toned concealer under the eyes and a foundation shade concealer on spots that still show. Use bronzers to give you a glowing look similar to most stars like J-Lo who has the perfect bronze look. Apply shimmer and highlighting shades but with older women, try to avoid shimmer near the lines on the eyes. Use sheer translucent powder on the t-zone that leaves your cheeks looking dewy fresh. Dust powder across the eyelids using an eye shadow brush to prevent the eye makeup from running.

May 28, 2015

Just enough make-up for girls

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Girls at present seem to show much appreciation in the usage of make-ups. They are very inclined into buying even the most expensive ones for three reasons namely interest, curiosity, and popularity. Interest in a sense that there are girls that really find their interest in the usage of these beauty products or anything related to making people beautiful. Some even enroll in make-up schools just to learn how to professionally use them. Others, though, buy and use make-up out of curiosity. Its usage is believed to have the possibility of even changing one’s appearance and others use it just for the purpose of seeing for themselves the effect of such application. Lastly, make-ups for girls nowadays are very popular. Every girl is pressured to have at least one lipstick in her bag. It is almost often the case that when things get known, people will be very curious and then leads to the interest of at least having that first-hand experience of using the said products and this is as well one of the reasons why make-ups are widely used.

May 21, 2015

Nail Care And Tips

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Are you among those women who worry too much on chipping and breaking their fingernails? Let us give you some economic tips:

Put garlic on your nails and it will make them longer and stronger. If you have long nails, poke the garlic cloves using the tips of each of your nail. Or you can either smash or chop the garlic and gently apply on to them.

After you do your manicure, let the polish dry for at least a minute, and run cold water over them for about 15 seconds. This leaves your polish dry.

If you love applying colored nail polish, give your nails some rest without it. Let them breathe for sometime as regular applying of nail polish makes them yellowish.

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    May 14, 2015

    Foundations Foundations.. Which to choose?

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    foundations.jpgWell, that’s a good question for there are many products on the market that not only come in many brands but in many types. Crème, liquid, powder and mousse, so which do you choose? J-Lo, loves spray on or airbrush style foundations that allows a flawless look that can give you the look of a star. The stuff is quite hard to use and the best ones are the more expensive ones for they work best. There are cheaper brands such as those from Sally Hansen but expert reviews only give it two stars. It does take practice to use so best leave it to a makeup artist to do the applying. If you wish, you could buy a cheaper brand, practice with that then turn to the more expensive brands as your confidence grows in using it.

    May 7, 2015

    Dress In Style

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    d8.jpgThe secret for a glamorous look is basically with the clothes you wear during the day and in the evening. Also, pay attention to accessories and jewelry that you buy. Make-up should not be exaggerated too. From time to time, adding a brooch to your outfit could make a big difference.

    April 30, 2015

    Get a Full Pout a la Angelina Jolie

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    Whether you want to admit it or not, Angelina Jolie’s lips make you envious because let’s face it, most of us aren’t born with full, voluptuous pouts and so we try to do everything we can to get that look. Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a challenge and it doesn’t always work out. You either put too much stuff on and you end up looking like a clown, you don’t put enough on, or you just can’t seem to get your pucker to look full no matter what you try! So what’s the trick to getting super full lips without the injection?

    Go to your local drug store and buy a berry shade lip stain. Start by dabbing it on to your lips by blending it into the inside of your mouth, which is the soft part next to your teeth. Use your ring finger to do this and dab it gently to create a just-kissed look.

    This is a great trick to help you stay inside the lines with your products as well as to help prevent smudging. Simply apply concealer around your top and bottom lip using a concealer wand.

    This is where you concealer does the trick! Pat the concealer in with your finger to set it – this will help with the definition of the mouth as well as creating a fuller lip.

    Finish off the process by applying a clear, sparkly gloss to your lips. When the light reflects off them, they will appear larger. And that’s all there is to it! Now granted your lips will probably never look like Angelina Jolie’s, but at least you can be proud of your pucker!